Wakesurfing While Graduating?

See the session that EVERYONE AND THEIR MAMA is talking about!! (see links at the end of this post for his entire photo gallery as well as local and national news coverage!)

A kid named Lyric Oaks from little known Sopchoppy, Florida, who is at the end of his Senior Year at Wakulla High School when Covid-19 hits. . .  

After having a record-breaking year on the football field and his team being undefeated, he is suddenly injured JUST before their semi-final game of the state championship. That was the ONLY game they lost that season.  Then, on track for a phenomenal baseball season, COVID cut that short as well.  Being a star on the football field and baseball field (and soccer by the way!), he was well known at his school but what he thought of next was gonna put him ON THE MAP.

What does he decide to do when his baseball season is cut short?  His Graduation cancelled??? He doesn’t let COVID or any of the other disappointments win.  He and his parents decide they want FREAKING EPIC SENIOR PICTURES to commemorate this time. 

They pitched the idea to me. . . one I truly never expected or had seen before!  He LOVES to wakesurf. . . but while in a cap and gown? I loved the idea but I have to admit I was skeptical at first. . . could it actually be done?  Apparently yes because the behind the scenes video footage and the pictures don’t lie.  He nailed it and he nailed it big. 

I’ve had so many people ask me if it was photoshopped.  I totally understand the question because looking at his photos it seems as though he’s just having a leisurely cup of coffee while walking on the water.  He was PHENOMENAL.  The entire session was really insane.  So insane that when I got home after the shoot I stayed up ALL NIGHT and had his entire gallery ready to show his parents the next day.  My jaw was on the floor all night.

People have mentioned how difficult this session must have been to photograph. . .and while yes, it’s somewhat technically difficult because you are dealing with balancing sun light and water reflection all during very fast movement, I can’t take nearly all the credit.  I was only really responsible for getting the lighting right, angles good, and making him feel comfortable in front of the camera.  This talented kid DID ALL THE HARD WORK.

To sum it up, his epic session photos obviously show that he can now add modeling to his list of many talents. Whether he decides to let me photograph him for big time magazines all over the world (haha!!, yes please!), play professional football, baseball, or soccer, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he will make his mark on this world.  He’s an amazing young man and one that I know his parents are extremely proud of.

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