Hi, I'm Elizabeth


My Story

I'm a wife, mom, then photographer. Life with my sweet hubby and handsome two boys is definitely interesting and fun. I would love to lie and say I'm the Queen of the household but really, truly, Bella Kate (our sweet Great Pyrenees) holds that high honor. Everyone who meets her, loves her. She's straight up royalty. We love camping as a family and occasionally you'll find us in a rousing game of Blackjack on our back porch. (don't worry Mom, we're playing with fake chips and not teaching the boys bad habits)

As of 2022 it has been 10 years of doing what I absolutely love. And I don't even have one Bridezilla story to show for it. The best thing about my "job" is the people I get to serve and ultimately become friends with. Whether it's couples that are recently engaged or families needing something new and fresh to hang on their walls, I'm truly honored that they choose me. The saying is very true. . . "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." I am so very blessed.

Facts About Me

I'm severely addicted. . .to chocolate milk.

When morning comes, there better be chocolate milk in the fridge. That's all I'm sayin.

Facts About Me

I (almost) never ever wear high heels.

If you happen to ever see me in high heels, know that I'm struggling behind that smile I'm giving you. Cute tennis shoes are my jam.

Facts About Me

My favorite ride by far is. . .my Gravely Zero Turn.

Every four days (during the summer growth months at least) this girl gets to mow and it's an awesome thing. (and my husband absolutely loves (and owes) me for it)

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