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All About Me. . .

Have you ever tried to sit down and actually write a few sentences about yourself that first of all is accurate, and then interesting to others?  Words that are not boring, not egotistical, or, on the flip side, lacking in confidence.  All the while, trying to come across smart, funny and lighthearted.  Yikes! – it’s hard to do!  So. . . I’ll tell you a little about myself the way a photog would – through photos and a few random words thrown in the mix too.
First of all, I have many addictions – you’ll see them in the photos below.  A couple of my addictions (readily admitted!) are Facebook and Instagram.  Yes, I am a daily facebooker that tries to keep up my “perfect” life online all while, often times, miserably failing in real life.  🙂


I do love my hubby, kiddos, and my dog – and of course, my camera.  I generally am a very happy person and sometimes I’ve been called “chatty”.  🙂  But, that comes in handy in my profession!  I usually get along very well with everyone.
I’ve been called quirky too, and constantly called a perfectionist.  Again, things that play right into my passion for photography!
I used to wonder when I would EVER get over the butterflies that I get right before EVERY.SINGLE.SHOOT.  I’ve now realized that I don’t want those to ever go away.  It’s awesome to have excitement for what I do.  It keeps me striving to be better and better – it keeps me on my toes.  Those butterflies are a good thing – I’m embracing them now.  
I’ve loved every second since I started my business in September 2012.  It’s been such a joyous journey – when you do something you love you never work a day in your life.  I am blessed for sure.

And that’s a little about me. . .



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